Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Links to HR Readings






June 30 Activity

Tomorrow, June 30, 2011 will be the first discussion day of the class.

Please be reminded to read about the following terms:

1. Human
2. Resource
3. Development
4. Human resource
5. Human development
6. Resource Development
7. Human Development

As I said during the last meeting, when reading a book please try to see the perspective of why it was written. You can find it in the introduction or preface or any other thing it is called but usually the first few pages of the book.

Also consider in the the formulation of your definitions or concepts, that you are a student of social work and how we will be able to connect these terms with the Social Work Profession.

I am going to try to upload links of urls from the web that you can also read.


Course Guide


Week Subject Content

1st week - Course orientation
2nd week - Basic Concepts of Human Resource Development
3rd week - HRD and Social Work (Community Education and Training)
4th week - Adult Learning
5th Week - Organizational Development
6th week - PRELIM
7th week - Training - basic concepts, principles, roles and skills
8th and 9th week - Training Process
10th week - Facilitation
11th week - MIDTERM
12th week - Facilitation Exercises
13th and 14th week - Instructional Materials/Visual Aids
15th week - Actual conduct of training in a community
16th week - FINALS

Major requirements:
1. Training Documents - proposal, design, budget, documentation
2. Actual Training in the community
3. Facilitation critiquing
4. Visual Aid production

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome All

Hello Students,

Welcome to another school year and to the first semester.

The opening of the new school year and the new semester poses a host of opportunities to learn and be better as a student and in your preparation of being a social worker.

Our course of Human Resource Development in Social Work is one of the new offerings of the program. In fact, you will be the second group to take the course.

The objective of the course is to assist you in learning how to maximize the biggest resource that we deal with - human resource. After this course you will hopefully see all persons you encounter, whatever their conditions are, as a resource especially the clients.

We have had debates about calling the people we work with as clients because this is a bit derogatory or somehow labeling. The things you will learn in this course will hopefully give you a new perspective of the people that we help. This will flesh out our belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

I have set up this blog as a venue for learning or platform where we can exchange knowledge, information, reading materials, and anything else that will help us learn together. This will also help you harness your skill as far as keeping abreast with technology is concerned.

I will upload here discussion materials, assignments, cases for review, activity guides, and others relative to our course, so do check regularly (as often perhaps as you log in to your facebook accounts, hopefully).

Let us enjoy learning together. I feel very blessed and very excited about journeying with you in this course.