Monday, August 22, 2011

Training concerns

As promised here are some training concerns you need to look into in conducting a training.


1. Topic/Subject matter
- The subject matter or topic of a training can be answer to a need.
- It could also be a resource/program of the agency

2. Training Design
- Crafted from the subject matter
- Contains title of the training, training objectives, participants,
duration of training, training schedule/program, resource persons,
required materials/supplies, budget, training methodologies.
- Training objectives
* is/are basic elements of a training design.
* will determine the duration of the training, type of methodologies,
venue and mode of evaluation.
* it should be formulated using SMART.

3. Budget Proposal
- Contains the financial requirements of the training to include billeting,
food, honorarium, supplies, travel allowances and etc.
- The budget proposal should be approved by the head of the agency at least
two weeks prior to the training schedule.

4. Schedule/date of training
- Based on the availability of resource persons/participants

5. Invitation letters
- Once the budget is approved and the schedule set, invitation letters
should be sent out to the resource person and target participants at least
a week prior to the date of training.
- Follow up a day or two prior to the training date.

6. Billeting/accommodation
- Based on training objective and approved budget

7. Food preparations
- Suited to the participants.

8. Resource person
- Dependent on the topic
- Should be invited a week before the training date

9. Documents preparation
- Training kit
- Attendance sheets
- Participants profile
- Evaluation sheet
- Reimbursement forms/vouchers
- Certificates/tokens

10. Logistics support
- Transportation
- Supplies
- Budget processing
- Visual aids

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Request for make up class

Hello All,

I am currently in Manila and will be back in Cagayan de Oro by tomorrow afternoon. I doubt if I can catch up with the class at 4 PM.

Can I request for a make up class anytime within Friday to Monday? We need another session for the training processes.

I will appreciate a feedback of a favorable schedule.

Thanks. . . .

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Story of the Next King

Hello All,

Congratulations to everyone for the awesome acquaintance party. It was a blast!

Dr. Chavez in her message related a story about how a king chose his successor (I hope you listened to that!). Its a beautiful story of human character put to the test. Something, we, social workers and students of human resource can reflect upon.

In this note,please share here your thoughts of the story focusing on the usual human reaction when put to the test. Upload it here via the comment box.

If you have not listened to the story, research then.

You might just get extra points for a good thought or sharing of your thoughts about the story.

Looking forward to reading your reflections.

Have a great day!!!!