Sunday, August 14, 2011

Story of the Next King

Hello All,

Congratulations to everyone for the awesome acquaintance party. It was a blast!

Dr. Chavez in her message related a story about how a king chose his successor (I hope you listened to that!). Its a beautiful story of human character put to the test. Something, we, social workers and students of human resource can reflect upon.

In this note,please share here your thoughts of the story focusing on the usual human reaction when put to the test. Upload it here via the comment box.

If you have not listened to the story, research then.

You might just get extra points for a good thought or sharing of your thoughts about the story.

Looking forward to reading your reflections.

Have a great day!!!!


  1. The story was very inspiring and it made me realize about how to deal with opportunities and challenges in life.
    As a social work student, the value of honesty, perseverance and being nurturing is a very important factor in the field of human resource.
    In the story, like the shy kid who brought the desolated plant are like social workers. The child gave his utmost attention and still nurture, and watered it even though the seed did not grow. In the same as social workers treat the client with the kind of perseverance, the kind of nurture and the kind of honesty like the shy little boy had in the story because of the client’s inherent worth and dignity and believing in their capacity to change for the betterment.
    Whatever we plant, we will reap..,

  2. HONESTY is the best Policy!!!
    The cultivation of honesty is the beginning of the right path. The story was trying to portray the value of honesty, self- determination and faith. Meaning, amidst of failures and sacrifices in our life we have to stand and face it having the faith in ourselves that we are capable of coping it.
    As a Social Worker,we are looking the individual as a resource not as a liability. Therefore believing on the ultimate value of the individual and his capabilities, potentials and his willingness there are great possibilities that he can change himself through our help. Inline with the story, I think Social worker is like the mother of the boy who gave her encouragement and support so that her son will take the pot of the plant to show his honesty to the king.

    We have to think that we are the one who experiences the consequences of our own acts. If our acts are right, we'll get good consequences; if not, we'll suffer for it.