Sunday, September 25, 2011


Some friendly reminders (if you want to pass this subject):

I only received very few materials that are good for presentation already. What about the others?

I would appreciate getting a feedback of how the planning for the community-based training is going. Remember you will have to conduct the training next week and I still didn't receive any update.


  1. thank you so much mam for the critic it would surely help us improve ourselves. Over all, the activity was very challenging and I myself have learned so much from the experience. Mam,thank you so much for such activity.

  2. Watching ourselves in a video while facilitating is not just for fun but rather identifying our strength and weaknesses as a facilitator or as a resource speaker someday.
    We are very thankful because we had given this kind of activity that will definitely change our attitudes when it comes to public speaking..Thank you so much Ma'am..

  3. I am very thankful to be part of the training that we had last day and appreciate all the comments and compliments we received from you ma'am and also to ma'am Del. I know this is all for our own good. Thank you for making us always aware of how we deal with people, how we practice the profession and how we carry ourselves. It's all for the best.
    God bless!