Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thank you

The journey I took with you in this subject enriched me as it enriched you. If you learned a lot, I also did.

I'm kind of sad for not being able to teach this semester, but I am welcoming the opportunity to be focusing on other things of equal importance as teaching.You guys and the the program will forever be part of me and I don't think I could stay away for long (hopefully).

Remain true and committed to the profession. Teach to others whatever good you learned in any of the subjects. Make a conscious effort everyday to make yourself better, this will result to the program being better too.

May the good and positive force be with you every moment. I will look forward to being with you again in one class or two.


  1. Thank you so much, Ma'am. Hope to see you again in school. Take care always! - jasmin

  2. Thank you Ma'am.Because of you and your teachings we can already handle ourselves with confidence.. We are looking forward to see you again.God Bless Always.

  3. Thank you ma'am for being with us in our journey.I cannot understand the feeling knowing that your not part of the faculties anymore. To you I've learned many good and significant things in life that deserves to be cherished and treasured. But ofcourse I am also happy ma'am because I know that you will be touching many more lives in the opportunities that you have now. We will always support and pray for you ma'am. We will really miss you... God bless you always.... angeline